Osborne Butler specialises in law related to two main areas:

We believe that this focus gives us a competitive advantage because it allows our lawyers to specialise and hone their skills so that they can do the best possible job for you the client. We also work in areas that are often complimentary. For example, traffic accidents can give rise to criminal charges such as dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and work licence applications can be critical in maintaining employment.

Criminal Law

When you engage Osborne Butler’s criminal law team, your matter will be handled by lawyers who have years of combined experience in the criminal courts. You will know that we have handled the full range of charges from minor offences such as committing a public nuisance and shoplifting to major offences such as drug trafficking and murder.

When deciding how to deal with a charge you need quality advice from the outset. Our lawyers understand that criminal law issues can arise at any time of the day or night. That is why we have staff available by mobile phone. If offered your right to contact a lawyer, take it and call us. It is vital that charges are handled appropriately from the outset.

Traffic and Licensing Law

This is a rapidly changing area of the law where up to date knowledge is at a premium. Penalties for offences such as drink driving and unlicensed driving can be severe. Licence disqualification can cause serious disruption to your life or even lose you your job. At Osborne Butler we understand what the issues are and how to address them. If you have a traffic-related charge or issues with your driver’s licence, we are ready to assist.